Keeping your New Year's resolutions!

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It happens every year.  The ball drops and along with a new year comes new resolutions.  I vow not to do this or I vow to do more of that.  But yet it often seems that we are creating the same resolutions year after year.  In fact, studies show that the most typical resolutions are time management and weight loss.  So, how can we work on improving our chances of success rather than perpetuating the same resolutions year after year.

1.       Set Goals rather than Resolutions.   What is it that you would like to achieve this year vs.  what you resolve to start or stop doing.  Setting goals that are achievable and attainable are more likely to come with positive results than creating a resolution.

2.       Set benchmarks.  When we set large goals for ourselves it can be a little deterring after a while if we aren’t seeing results.  Creating smaller goals within those big goals can help us keep on track and feel as if we are continually being successful.

3.       Keep yourself accountable.  Set times to check in regarding your goals – i.e. weekly or monthly.  Have a checklist to keep you on track with what you want to get done.  Set calendar reminders to help you remember to do your task – or to send you encouraging reminders that you are doing well.  For example set your calendar to send you a text message on Monday mornings saying “It is going to be a good week.  Take control – you’ve got this!”.  It is amazing what positive encouragement can do.

4.       Let others know your goals.  Tell friends and family what your goals are.  The more people who know the more you are accountable.  It also gives you a built in cheer team.  If you are worried that the people around you are not going to be encouraging I would suggest finding people who are.  This may mean joining a local support team online or at work.

5.       Try and try again.  Don’t let yourself give up if you have a few setbacks.  Setbacks are part of life.  As soon as you realize you have gotten off track turn yourself around and keep trucking.  The point of the goal is to reach it, not to give up.  It doesn’t matter how many times you try - just keep trying.  Also, try new things.  If your goal is to learn a new language and studying flash cards just doesn’t seem to work for you, perhaps books on tape would be better or taking a local course.  Think outside of the box, but keep working toward the goal.  

6.       Redefine failure.  So many times we think as soon as we mess up that we have failed.  That is not true!  The only true failure is giving up.  Even if you have setbacks unless you stop all together you have not failed.  Think about this - if you have 30 days of positive progress and mess up one day, you have not failed, you have successfully completed your goal 30 out of 31 days.  If that was a grade at school it would be a 97% - that’s an A +!!!  So many times we have an all or nothing mentality which equals complete self sabotage.

7.       Remember, reaching your goals won’t happen overnight.  The main purpose of the goal is to not have to make the same resolution next year.  Any forward movement is positive.  Don’t put unrealistic timelines on yourself.  Breaking a habit that took years to create doesn’t happen overnight.  Just keep thinking “I just don’t want to be in the same place next year”.

I would love to hear what your goals are for 2013 and how you plan to reach them.  Have any thoughts on the post? Agree or disagree? - I’d love to hear!  Leave a comment and let’s discuss!


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Happy New Year!

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My children have been sick for literally more than 3 weeks, which means a few things:  1)  My productivity is at an all time low  2)  My stress is at an all time high  3) I'm exhausted!  

Kudos to all the stay at home moms out there - I am not sure how anything gets done with kids at home.  Especially sick kids : (  Now don't think I am cold hearted.  I love having all this extra time with my children.  I also feel horrible that they have been so sick and there is not much I can do about it other than pump them with fluids, make sure they rest, and give them lots of TLC.  Additionally, snuggle time goes to an all time high when kids are sick.  That said, by week three, they are stir crazy and so am I.  They are well enough that we are trying to get a few things done, but still not well enough for school - and the whining and crying has hit record levels : (

So, with three weeks of sick kids, I've been unable to keep up with anything that is truly non-essential for the business.  So anything short of shooting, editing, and fulfilling orders has had to be put on hold.  That means I have not updated my blog or social media sites in at least a month!  Ack.  

Tonight my husband gave me a free pass to go sit in my office for a little bit and get some work done before heading to an early bedtime (I am trying not to get sick myself).  That didn't leave me with too much time, but at the very least I wanted to at least say a belated happy holidays and a happy new year!  

Here is a sneak peak at some of the sessions I have done in the past few months that I haven't had a chance to post.  I have a few more above and beyond this - so if you don't see your session, don't worry I didn't forget you!  For this one, I just focused some of my recent family sessions.  

Lastly, a sincere thank you to all my friends, family, clients, and supporters out there.  I love being able to capture such amazing memories for so many people.  I am constantly humbled by my job and never take for granted the privelage it is to be the one invited into your lives.

Beauty Portraits: Teresa

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There is no question that hard work and perserverence has its rewards and Teresa certainly proves this.  As a wife, a mother of three, and an associate director at a major university, Teresa doesn't have a lot of spare time on her hands, but fitness is something that has always been important to her.  In the past year, Teresa took her fitness challenge up a level by signing on for her first marathon and by joining CrossFit Lake Mary (go like them on facebook!). 

She carves time out of her day early in the morning, in the evening, and even during her lunch break to get her training done!  That is one tough mother!  The great thing about Teresa though, is despite carving out time for fitness, she always has time for family, friends, and fun - and a nice cold beer ; )  This was definitely one of my favorite shoots to date. 

Teresa is certainly an inspiration to me.  So it was a great compliment when she hired me as a reward to herself for all of her accomplishments.  What a wonderful gift to yourself. 


Beauty Portraits: Samm & Alex

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I recently had the pleasure of working with Samm and Alex for a beauty portrait experience.  Samm enjoyed a day of primping and posing - and Alex jumped into the scene every so often to make sure that we got some great images of the two of them in addition to Samm's beauty images.  It's a nice twist on the traditional family photos.   

I met Samm and Alex about a year ago at our local Professional Photographers Society of Central Florida (PPSCF).  They showed me the ropes and welcomed me with open arms.  In the past year I've gotten the chance to spend a lot more quality time with Samm and Alex and simply love these two!  Working with them is always a blast regardless of whether they are in front of the camera or behind it.  I was thrilled that they chose me to take their portraits because I knew a day of fun was in store.  

Samm and Alex are actually not photographers by trade - they are cinematographers and EXCELLENT ones at that!  They have developed their company Imprint Cinema and offer heirloom wedding films.  I highly recommend checking out their website: especially if you are planning any events that need filming or if you are ever in need of a promotional video.  

Well, without further are some images from their session...




Beauty Portraits: Samantha

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At the start of the summer I had a good friend come to me and express that she wanted to do something special to celebrate a new beginning for herself.  Samantha had been through some personal trials and was ready to brush it all off and start fresh.  She had been following my recent work and decided that for her birthday she was going to spoil herself with a beauty experience photography session.  It was such a treat to work with Samantha because she has been a long time friend of mine and it was truly beautiful to watch her just come alive during the session.  There is no question that Samantha is a beautiful woman, but when confidence and self assurance is behind her, her beauty is unstoppable.    We had a full day of laughs and Samantha left re-energized and rearing to go.  Now, if only I could figure out how to bottle the positive energy and self confidence that exuded that day- I'd be a millionaire ;)   Here are some of the images from her session.  Don't be afraid to leave her a little love in the comments!


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